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10 Papers Published by Famed Alienist Dr. Alexander McCabe in ‘Boggled’ Magazine

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

The Human Brain
  1. A. McCabe ‘Smack him! He’s mad!’ {Edinburgh: Gryphon Day 1883}

  2. A. McCabe ‘Two’s Company — Three’s my Brain {Edinburgh: Gryphon Day 1884}

  3. A. McCabe ‘The Hairy Handed Creeping Crawl of the Boob {London: Frome and Chapel 1885}.

  4. A. McCabe ‘Body Traitor {London: Frome and Chapel 1886}

  5. A. McCabe ‘There’s a Devil in my Head — it’s Why I Don’t Wear Pants’ {Edinburgh: Gryphon Day 1889}

  6. A. McCabe ‘Stop him! Crackpot!’ {Glasgow: Dougal McClean 1890}.

  7. A. McCabe ‘Nuts!’ {London: Frome and Chapel 1891}.

  8. A. McCabe ‘Killing in my Pyjamas {London: Frome and Chapel 1891}.

  9. A. McCabe ‘The Lumps Say It All: The Art of Phrenology {London: Frome and Chapel 1891}

  10. A. McCabe ‘What’s that? Oh. Nothing. Or…is it? {London: Frome and Chapel 1891}



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