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Winsome on the Shingle

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

By H.R. Pirie. From: ‘Odes to My Little Soldier’ {London: Grenville and Tupes, 1877}, p 29.

Rough as the Stones Beneath my Shoulder Blades

A meal of clams and sweet green muscles,

With Winsome on the shingle,

Fearsome, handsome Winsome bronzed

In playful mood a-tingle

As wrestle we, fuss and tussle, in the hot late afternoon sun.

Winsome on The Shingle

Like a long, brown, golden cake

Like a snake

A leopard on its languid back but without noticeable spots on.

Dear Winsome, Dear Eric, my young Northern silk merchant’s son,

Rough as the stones beneath my shoulder blades,

And the late sun fades

While cool night rolls from the sea.


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