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13 Items Often Found in a Supernaturalist’s Carpet Bag

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

An Artist’s Impression of a Supernaturalist’s Bag

The Strange & Unusual job of a Supernaturalist often requires all manner of uncanny items to aid in their endeavours.

Whether it’s a Spirit Compass to search out a ghostly presence, or a Witch Bottle to trap it, much more understanding may be found in the accounts ‘The Case of the Fiendish Nudger’ and The Case of the Devil’s Key’, which I had a hand in bringing to publication.

Anyway, here are 13 practical pieces of equipment that any Supernaturalist worth their salt swears by:

  1. A Spirit Compass

  2. Witch Bottles

  3. Marsh Wisp Eyeballs

  4. A Ham Sandwich — because even Supernaturlists get peckish.

  5. Directional Steam Boots

  6. Fairy Bells & Sturdy Twine

  7. A Phantasmal Head Pump

  8. A Copy of ‘Eldritch Monthly

  9. A Net Gun

  10. A Bodkin

  11. A Knave’s Lamp

  12. Aura Goggles

  13. A Bottle of Grog (well, in the case of Wilfred Woolfitt)



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