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13 of the Late 19th Century’s Most Dastardly Criminals!

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Billy Smalls ‘The Genius Pipsqueak’ Pictured ‘Doing Porridge’in 1892
  1. Reginald Polk — ‘The Fiendish Nudger’ — Murder by Nudging

  2. Billy Smalls — ‘The Genius Pipsqueak’ — Toyshop Heists (Sentenced to Seven Years on the Naughty Step)

  3. Goldilocks McGraw — ‘The Finchley Porridge Poisoner’ — Porridge Poisoning

  4. Francis Mulch — ‘Frankie Whistles’ — Theft, Extortion, Kidnapping, Torture, Cheating at Snap.

  5. Felix Wilp, Agatha Kipple, Dr. Winston Orange, Doris ‘Bloomers’ McScreamy, Hampton Faucet, Limpy Jackson, & Crumpets Delaney —‘The Sudbury Seven’ — Bank Robbery & Kidnapping (Stealers of Entire Banks & Kidnapping of Staff Within)

  6. Queenie Crumb — ‘The Hackney Weirdo’ — Murder by Pickling

  7. Micky and Dicky Groper — ‘The Baldy Brothers’ — Robbery, Intimidation, Burglary, & Bad Dress Sense (Best known for ‘The Mile End Caper’)

  8. Harry Harris — ‘Tubby Harris’ — Thief Master, Child Wrangler, Cream Bun Aficionado, & Overseer of ‘The Rough House Five’.

  9. Wonky Pete, Freddy Lightning, Greasy Sal, Squeak, & Nimble — ‘The Rough House Five’ — Pickpocketing & Burglary.

  10. Francois Le Nosh — ‘Le Master of Disguise’ — Thievery, Cat Burglary, (Caught trying to steal the King of Bohemia’s golden underwear disguised as a boot)

  11. Jack Pemberton — ‘Fancy Jack Pemberton, The Gentleman Strangler’ — Murder by Cravat.

  12. Charles Lacey — ‘The Monster of Tulip Street’ — Perpetrator of the ‘Under-the-Bed Murders’

  13. Willamina Tussle — ‘Stovepipe Minnie’— Body Snatching, Maker of Bad Tea, & Fish Forgery



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