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Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Gremman’s Vital Gentleman’s Travelling Paraphernalia!

Make Sure YOUR follicles NEVER suffer!

When it’s time to shut the house down for the winter,

And exotic climes beckon,

Make sure YOUR follicles NEVER suffer…

With Gremman’s VITAL Gentleman’s Travelling Paraphernalia!

From our Steel-toothed Moustache Combs for encounters with the Native (for he admires an English moustache above all else!)

Hairnets in the Venetian Style (for instant early morning action!)

Ivory Handled Nose clippers (so eye contact with the foreigner will always be established!)

And our Stout Ear Waxer (to avoid embarrassing ear cupping when faced with the cannibal!)

Make sure YOU’RE prepared and pampered at the same time!

THIS MONTHGremman’s Whale Blubber Pommade is HALF PRICE with a FREE pair of Eyebrow Tweezers to make certain that bushiness is kept in check!

Gremman’s — For Hair TODAY, that’s VITAL tomorrow!


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