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Singular Screams I Have Encountered on My Travels

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Singular Screams I have Encountered on my Travels

  1. The Pennsylvanian Flapping Shriek.

  2. The Chattanooga Sack-Shrinker.

  3. Mayor Hampton’s Teeth-Clacking Gibber.

  4. Hilary Van Swissel’s Honest Joe Honk.

  5. The Heebie-Jeebie High Caterwaul as demonstrated by girls under the age of 10.

  6. The Tongue Flop.

  7. The Monkey Yodel.

  8. The Temple Throbbing Snot Buster.

  9. Montreal’s Piss-Streaking Abdabs.

  10. Mrs. Bloomford’s Flaming Willies.

  11. Duke Von Mightingdike’s Giant Wobbling Bowel Cracker.

  12. The Lesser Eek.

  13. The Great Eek with Excessive Fingering.

  14. The Howling Blandford.

  15. Dennis Crowsfoot’s ‘Holy Shit’.

  16. The Sacramento Fainting Calamity.



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